The ever-so-elegant prawnstar embryo (elegant_scarlet) wrote in anomaly_inspire,
The ever-so-elegant prawnstar embryo

Wanting success...Despite my health

Hello, everyone. I am a second year university student who just received one heck of a busy schedule and I would like some prayers for success in the coming year(s). I've basically just begun my second year and, for my particular course, it is notorious for being a killer. I also have a medical condition that causes tiredness, vertigo, and I occassionally faint. This has happened for the majority of my academic life, and while I've learned to cope with it, it interferes with my studies. I'm at a stage where my full energy needs to be devoted to my work, and I'm afraid that my illness will hinder my chances of success or progression. University means everything to me right now and I have big dreams, but I need as much help as possible in remaining confident despite my illness. It upsets me more than anything to be stuck at home, ill, when I should be working towards my dream. I'm ambitious by nature. I've worked hard to get where I am, so I don't want anything to mess it up now. I'm not expecting any chances of a full recovery, but I would like to remain strong and have the will to continue with my life without having to worry too much about my health problems. If you could keep me in your prayers, I shall be eternally grateful for your support.
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